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Things that occupies your mind speaks volume about the person you are. We at SNS always find it delight to think creative and innovate to make difference in the world around us. Collaboration and trying things out is a culture here.


The National Innovation and Startup Policy 2019 for students and faculty of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) is a guiding framework to enable the Institutes to actively engage students, faculties and staff in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities, the spirit of which is imbibed in the SNS ISP.


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Funding agencies

granting bodies

Fund Sanctioned from funding agencies for Research, Training, Innovation and Entrepreneurship development
The scheme aims to promote excellence in research in higher education by supporting research programme of University and College teachers in various disciplines. The University Grants Commission provides support to permanent/regular working/retired teachers in the Universities and Colleges.

Social Responsibility InitiativeS

unnat bharat abhiyan

UBA is a flagship program of MHRD – GoI. SNSCE received fund from Govt. of India for Village Development. Adopted 5 Villages namely Kariampalayam, Kanjappali, Kanuvakkarai, Kittampalayam and Pillaiappampalyam.

  • A fund of Rs. 66,50,000 sanctioned by MSME for the establishment of Business Incubator at SNSCE.
  • A fund of Rs. 5,00,000 sanctioned by MHRD for Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA).
  • A fund of Rs. 5,50,000 sanctioned by AICTE for the establishment of Entrepreneurship Development Cell at SNSCE.
  • A fund of Rs. 5,07,000 sanctioned by AICTE under the scheme of Research Promotion for SNSCE.
  • A fund of Rs. 6,50,000 sanctioned by AICTE for the Faculty Development Programme on "Teaching Pedagogy".
  • A fund of Rs. 35,000 sanctioned by AICTE for the research project "Wireless Sensor Network: Applictions and Challenges of Ubiquitous Sensing".
  • A fund of Rs. 60,000 sanctioned by AICTE for organizing National Level Conference on "Advances in Mechanical Engineering".
  • A fund of Rs. 38 Lakhs sanchtioned under AICTE MODROBS for two research project proposals.
  • A fund of Rs. 50,000 sanctioned by ISRO for organizing a Seminar on "Security Algorithms for FGPA Design" at SNSCE.
  • A fund of Rs. 40,000 sanctioned by ISRO for organizing a Seminar on "Cognitive Space Communication and Sensing: Advances, Developments and Engineering Challenges" at SNSCE.
  • A fund of Rs. 35,000 sanctioned by DRDO for conducting a National Level Workshop on "Advances in Welding Technologies" at SNSCE.
  • A fund of Rs. 40,000 sanctioned by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India for organizing an Entrepreneur Awareness Camp 2018.
  • A fund of Rs. 40,000 sanctioned by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India for organizing an Entrepreneur Awareness Camp 2017.
  • A fund of Rs. 53,500 sanctioned by TNSCST for organizing a National Level Seminar on "Structural Health Monitoring for Commercial and Residential Building" at SNSCE.
  • A fund of Rs. 53,500 sanctioned by TNSCST for the research project "Efficient Design of Robots.
  • A fund of Rs. 53,500 sanctioned by TNSCST for a Student Project proposal.


research work

# Details Total
1 No. of Research Papers Indexed in SCOPUS/SCI Databases 210
2 No. of Research Papers listed in UGC Approved Journals / Google Scholar Indexed 366
3 No. of Papers Presented in International Conferences 387
4 No. of Books Published 50
5 No. of Patents Published 27

Anna University Recognized research centers

# Name of the Scholar Guide Name Title
1 Dr. Umamaheswaran Dr.N.Sureshkumar Class of Heuristics for efficient design of content-based image retrieval
2 Dr.Rajasekar Dr.P.Prakasam Efficient data aggregation method using multi-sampling reverse directional broadcast technique in wireless sensor network
3 Dr.Rajaram Dr.P.Prakasam Performance analysis of mobile robot using shape and area detection in wireless sensor network
4 Dr.Pachaiannan Dr.G.K.D.Prasanna Venkatesan Performance analysis microstrip antenna and their radiation pattern method
5 Dr.Sridevi Dr.G.K.D.Prasanna Venkatesan Efficient data investigation in CDMA-OFDM in cloud computing
6 Dr.K.Vishalatchi Dr.N.Sureshkumar Electromagnetic interference reduction in high speed printed circuit board using EBG structures
7 Dr.J.Kirubakaran Dr.G.K.D.Prasanna Venkatesan Studies on performance analysis of MC-CDMA and OFDMA system using linear MIMO receivers in wireless communication
8 Dr.K.Sampathkumar Dr.G.K.D.Prasanna Venkatesan An investigation on DNS performance enhancement using shortcut paring verb algorithm in study network
9 V.Ravichandran Dr.G.K.D.Prasanna Venkatesan Dynamic and efficient data transfer inter connect mechanism for variable IP core with node using narrow and wide band CDMA technique
10 Dr.S.Jegadeesan Dr.G.K.D.Prasanna Venkatesan Certain investigation on smart and efficient monitoring system in dairy farm using wireless sensor network

# Name of the Scholar Guide Name Title
1 Mr.S.CHARLES Dr.C.Vivekanandan A reconfigurable field programmable gate array based three-phase shunt active power filter for power quality enhancement
2 Ms.V.VANEETHA Dr.C.Vivekanandan Certain investigations on enhancing the interference prediction using link interposition detection based revamped routing in MANET
3 Ms.B.ANURADHA Dr.C.Vivekanandan A Comparative Study on the Performance Improvements of Certain Memory Hierarchies Using Code Repositioning Strategy
4 Ms.S.KAMATCHI Dr.C.Vivekanandan Development of efficient aging-aware reliable multiplier for the application of error detection and correction in FIR filter
5 Mr. R. SENTHILKUMAR Dr.C.Vivekanandan Certain Investigation on Harmonic Analysis of Distribution System Based Facts Devices and Matrix Converter Based Universal and Multilevel Converters
6 Dr.GURULAKSHMI Dr.N.Sureshkumar Electromagnetic modeling of high speed PCBs mitigating signal integrity issues partial element equivalent circuit method

# Name of the Scholar Guide Name Title
1 Ms. Parimala Dr. N. Karthikeyan Performance Analysis of Mixed Sequential Pattern Discovery with Hash Based Ant Colony Optimization Technique
2 Ms. Roopa Chandrika Dr. N. Karthikeyan Analysis and Investigation of Image Enhancement and Texture Based Classification in Digital Mammograms Using Fuzzy Approach
3 Ms. I. Kala Dr. N. Karthikeyan AODV based Geographic Routing for Quasi MANET in a Disaster Recovery Scenario
4 Ms. Sukanya Dr. N. Karthikeyan Certain investigation on Enhancing the Security System Using Game Theory and Minimizing Energy Consumption in MANET
5 Sivaparthiban C B Dr. N. Karthikeyan Certain Investigation on diabetes exploration in healthcare informatics using big data analytics
6 BalaAnand Dr. N. Karthikeyan Certain Investigation on predicting the users’ behavior in social networks using enhanced graph based semi-supervised learning algorithm

Research and Innovation

Centre of Excellence

The college has a center that encourages international collaboration between leading researchers and the global community. The Center of Excellence is dedicated to encouraging international understanding between students and future leaders to assist them on a long-term basis to become creators, inventors, scientists and leaders of the 21st century.



Centre of Excellence (CoE) is frequently used when an organization needs to take on a new technology or skill up to the industry standard or beyond it and manage its adoption. CoE also known as a competency center or a capability center by self-supported or industry collaborated one with the objective of providing research, support, guidance, training and oversight as a whole in some particular area of focus such as a technology, skill or discipline.

To provide high-quality graduate and postgraduate training environment for the next generation of researchers and support innovation-based endeavors.

To promote a culture of research among the students and faculties.

  • To Provide Industrial Training
  • To Strengthen Industry Institute Interaction
  • To Provide platform to students to interact with industry experts
  • To Promote Research Activities
  • To Encourage Research Publications, Patents/IPR
  • To Facilitate Consultancy/Funded Projects
  • To Develop Commercial Products

Center of Excellence in the field of Entrepreneurship that act as a catalyst in transforming employable to entrepreneurial communities by translating latent ideas into viable enterprises


Design Thinking based industrial projects

# Title of the Project Project Team Members Industry Verticals Product/Prototype Special Mention
1 Hybrid bot Rini Unnikrishna
Sakthi Murukan
Defense Prototype DST Sponsored
2 Angular Pursuit Immanual Jeo Sherine
Defense Prototype Patent Filed
3 Note me Monesh
Naveen Kumar
FinTech Product Market Ready
4 Reinforcement Bricks Aravinda Raj
Smart City Product PSG STEP Funding
Patent Published
5 Smart Sanaky Shelvaaathithyan
Arun Karthikeyan
Smart City Product Market Ready
6 Traffic Controller Kavibharathi
Ashwini Latha
Smart City Prototype Top 10 in GCT Ideathon
7 Waste to Wealth Dinesh
Jagadeesh Kumar
Smart City Product Market Ready
8 Smart Library Surjith Bharathi
Praveen Kumar
Smart City Prototype Converted as a Startup
9 Smart Attendance Pratheep
Mark Romario Williams
Keerthi Kumar
Smart City Product Forge Accelerator Mentoring
Market Ready
10 Water Flow Meter Divya
Smart City Product Forge Accelerator Mentoring
Market Ready
11 Life Saver Sandeep
Health Care Prototype Patent Filed
12 Walking on Water Davinus Malden Kamil
Melshida Trinadise Kamil
Automobile Prototype Patent Filed
13 Smart Helmet Vergil Heleena
Yogesh Raj
Automobile Product Market Ready
Patent Published
14 Smart Electricity Monitor Nandhakumar
Raj Kumar
Energy Prototype Consultancy
15 Agreegeek Karthickraj
Kishore Karthi
Agriculture Prototype Consultancy

our project


A project can be taken up as a Departmental Consultancy Project by the concerned department faculty members and students. Consultancy projects are helping the students and faculty members to be exposed to real time implementation. Normally, Consultancy projects involve multi disciplinary/ inter departmental inputs. It helps the students to work as a team. During the study period itself, students are able to know about industry organization. Some of our consultancy projects are listed here.

Year Pricipal Investigators Department Title of Project Client Organization Consultancy Generated
2018-19 Mr.B.Balamurali
Mechanical Prototype Of Temple Insta 3 D Technologies,Coimbatore Rs.5000/-
2018-19 Mr.B.Balamurali
Mechanical Prototype For Printer Meter Cover Janani Mould and Die,Coimbatore Rs.2000/-
2018-19 Mr.B.Balamurali
Mechanical Prototype for the lock model assembly Astrix Engineering Products,Coimbatore Rs.2350/-
2018-19 Ms. N. Jayanthi
Dr. I. Kala
Mr. D. Jebakumar Immanuel
CSE Interface Programming to store Image in the Database (Mobile Computing) Sri Adhiswaran Technologies Rs.10,000/-
2017-18 Dr.I.Kala
CSE Web Design Shri Tharu Lakshmi Exports Rs.6000/-
2017-18 Mr.T.Prabhakaran Mechanical Waste Heat Recovery from boiler Arasi Cottage Industries In Progress
2017-18 T.Anand Civil Bar Bending Schedule M.Adaikalaraj For Goodwill
2017-18 T.Anand Civil Architectural drawing AAA Consultant For Goodwill
2017-18 T.Anand Civil Housing plan M.Savithri For Goodwill
2016-17 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Analysis Of Manifold Block Components Sudarshan fluid tech, Coimbatore Rs.30,000/-
2016-17 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Design of special die for runner and riser components M/S Ramya Engineering Products, Coimbatore In Progress
2016-17 Mr.P.Thirupathy Mechanical Modification of Textile Spindle Chinnakalai Traders In Progress
2016-17 Ms.B.Nithyadevi
ECE Automation Apex Integrated System Rs.3000/-
2016-17 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Optimization of performance of textile components Spin draft Industries Rs.27,000/-
2016-17 Mr.K.M.Eazhil Mechanical Stress analysis of impeller M/S BKN industries Coimbatore Rs.30,000/-
2016-17 Dr.S.Nagaraja Mechanical Performance and combustion analysis of diesel engine fueled with III generation biofuel TMN Biofuels Ltd Rs.55,000/-
2015-16 Prof.P.A.Siva Subramani Civil Soil test Mr.S.Aravind Rs.1,000/-
2015-16 Dr.P.Vijayalakshmi Civil Soil test Kalaivani Matriculation school Rs.8,000/-
2015-16 Ms.R.Preetha Civil SPT Soil test S.N.Enterprises & Mr.Boopathy Rs.5,050/-
2015-16 Mr.R.Ram Prasath Civil Conctrete tube test SKV Infra Rs.500/-
2015-16 Mr.P.A.Siva Subramani Civil Soil test Aravind Construction Rs.2,100/-
2015-16 Ms.Abhinaya Rajakumari Civil Material test Gopalasamy contractor Rs.2,500/-
2015-16 Prof.V.Madevan Civil Soil test Dhaksha Promoters Rs.1,000/-
2015-16 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Analysis of structural components in power press Performance and combustion Sudarshan fluid tech Rs.30,000/-
2015-16 Dr.S.Nagaraja Mechanical Analysis of petrol engine M/s TMN bio fuel Rs.55,000/-
2015-16 Mr.K.M.Eazhil Mechanical Analysis of pump components M/s BKN industries Rs.30,000/-
2015-16 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Runner and riser design for complicated shapes M/S Ramya Engg Products Rs.50,000/-
2015-16 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Modification of textile machineries to improve the productivity M/s spin draft group of Companies, Coimbatore Rs.27,000/-
2015-16 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Compressor plate machining Om Muruga Engg Work Rs.18,000/-
2014-15 Dr.P.Vijayalakshmi Civil Soil test Contractor Rs.7,000/-
2014-15 Mr.E.P.Praksh CSE Company Website Goodlife Tours & Travels Rs.20,000/-
2014-15 Mr.C.Jeevanantham ECE Radix-2 Booth Multiplier Design Azetech Solutions Appreciation Certificate
2014-15 Dr.N.Suma ECE Gesture Based Device Control For Industrial Application Pantech Proed, chennai Appreciation Certificate
2014-15 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Surface polish of compressor plates M/s Om Muruga industries, Coimbatore Rs.16,000/-
2014-15 Mr.K.M.Eazhil Mechanical Design and analysis of pump components to reduce the friction M/s BKN Industries Coimbatore Rs.30,000/-
2014-15 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Development of special type of die design M/s Ramya Engineering Products, Coimbatore Rs.53,000/-
2014-15 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Development of special type patterns and preparation of part drawings, runner and riser design M/s Ramya Engineering Products, Coimbatore Rs.45,000/-
2014-15 Dr.S.Balasubramanian Mechanical Modification of textile machineries to improve the performance M/s Spin Draft group of companies, Coimbatore Rs.28,000/-
2013-14 Mr.Ramkumar.C ECE Design of embedded boards Pantech proed, third floor, sri ranga building, t.nagar, chennai-600017 Rs.40,200/-
2013-14 Dr.V.V.Karthikeyan ECE Cutting tool design for loaders Hitech industries, 72, bharathi nagar, kunnathur, coimbatore-641108 Rs.57,000/-
2013-14 Mr.R.Senthilkumar CSE Employee Management system DM Garments, Tirupur. Rs.22,000/-
2013-14 Mr.K.Balaji CSE Stock Maintenance system ATKM Textiles, Salem Rs.16,000/-
2013-14 Ms.S.Saranya CSE Billing Software Vaigai Automotives India Pvt Ltd, Kallakuruchi Rs.22,000/-
2013-14 Mr.K.Aravindhan CSE Billing Software Generic CNC Engineers, Coimbatore. Rs.27,000/-
2013-14 Mrs.E.Annal Sheeba Rani CSE Automation Software Kasthuri Agencies,Thiruvanamalai. Rs.26,000/-
2012-13 Mr.Karthick.P ECE Sensor design for thread break identification Iceman tex, 19,karupparayaswamy maadam street, puddupalayam, gobi Rs.93,000/-
2012-13 Dr.Poornachandra.S ECE Electronic circuits design for front panel Whintek electronics,21, senthilmurugan street, chennai-600059 Rs.10,000/-
2012-13 Ms.K.Kalaiselvi CSE Company Website Smartxpose Technologies, Coimbatore Rs.35,000/-
2012-13 Mr.I.Gugan CSE School Management Software Victory Nursery and Primary School ,Periyakulam, Theni Dt Rs.20,000/-
2012-13 Mr.K.Karthikeyan CSE Billing Software Precicraft automation, Coimbatore. Rs.30,000/-


Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), has sanctioned the proposal to establish the Business Incubator during the month of September 2016. A Managing Committee with following experts was formed and the first meeting was held on 22nd February 2017. There were 10 proposals presented in front of the committee. 

Following are the members attending Management Committee meeting.  

S. No Name Designation
1 Dr. S. Nalin Vimal Kumar Technical Director, SNS Institutions
2 Dr. V. P. Arunachalam BI – Executive Head
3 Ms. B. Kayalvizhi Member – MSME
4 Mr. N Rajendran Member – Industry
5 Ms. K. Bhuvaneswari Member – Financial Institutions
6 Dr. C. Vivekanandan Academic Member – Host Institutions
7 Mr.B. Vijayanand Member – R & D Expert
8 Dr. G. K. D. Prasanna Venkatesan Member – R & D Dean (Host institution)
9 Dr. P. Saradhamani BI – Member – Secretary
10 Dr. S. Balasubramanian Member