# Patent Name Patent No.
1 System and method for autoimmune disease diagnosis 201841044632 A
2 An apparatus for tracking the vehicle and a method for monitoring the same 201841025519 A
3 Headlamp beam shifting apparatus and a method to operate the same 201841012997 A
4 A System for Students Management and a Method There for 201841034328 A
5 Food supplying drone with human identification 201841047125 A
6 Leadership Board for Student Skill Evaluation and a Method for Learning Enhancement 201841042607 A
7 Wearable device for curing eye problems 201841003971 A
8 Energy efficient routing protocol for mobile ad hoc network 201841007871 A
9 Vending machine for dispensing ration products 201841009161 A
10 Paver block and a method for manufacturing same 201841004830 A
11 Eye protection devices for smart television 201741019944 A
12 Relocatable wireless sensor network for precision agriculture and a method to control the same 201741047021 A
13 Intelligent video surveillance system and a method thereof 201841007521 A
14 Internal combustion rotary multi-cylinder engine 201741013520A
15 An apparatus to deter birds and a method thereof 201741003699 A
16 Intelligent Electronic safety apparatus for two wheeled vehicles 201741003701 A
17 Work holding component for submerged friction stir welding process 312201
18 Horizontal oscillating suspension system using cam and follower mechanism with spiral spring damping 201641013313
19 Prolonged energy track one 80/CHE/2014A
20 Marine surveying apparatus and a method to operate the same 201741012381 A
21 A Question Paper Generation System and a method for enhancing student thinking ability 201941003359
22 Trash spotting clean the mind software SW-12207/2019(Copyright)
23 An Internal Combustion Rotary Multi-Cylinder Engine 201741013520
24 Design of Injection molding die for gaskets used in pumps 315608-001
25 Design of float type suspension system 316392-001
26 Portable recycler for waste 3D printer filament 316283-001
27 Multipurpose four jaw vice operated with cam mechanism 317484-001