Department of
Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department was established in the year 2009 with an intake of 60 students and now we have 120 intake. The Department also offers a PG Program in Manufacturing Engineering. The department has a research centre recognized by Anna University. It offers PhD programme in Mechanical Engineering. The department has state-of-the-art facilities for various laboratories and a departmental library. The students are guided by a group of 33 faculty members who are highly qualified and experienced to train the students to meet the fast-changing needs of technology. They are also available to support and advise students to work out learning strategies to progress and achieve their academic goals. Mechanical Engineering has been Permanently Affiliated to Anna University and Accredited by NBA.

As a department in a vibrant institution, we will be a premier choice for the talented, prospective students. Being recognized by employers and our alumni as a source of outstanding engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of Mechanical Engineering where the best of teaching, learning and research.


Knowledge Dissemination: Establish itself as a world-class academic center through expert pedagogical methods and modern laboratories.

Research: Provide ample research opportunities aimed at promoting research activities among students and faculty members.

Industrial Collaboration: Promote continues industry institute collaboration aimed at promoting employ-ability, entrepreneurship and leadership aptitude among students

Social Ethics: Prepare the students to be psychologically strong and emotionally balanced, imbibed with social consciousness and ethical values.

department Accredited and recognized by

Programmes Available

Under Graduate Programme

B.E Mechanical Engineering

4 Years Course

Course Description

This course is deals with the design, construction, and use of machines, endows students with the basic understanding and knowledge of how heavy tools and machinery work.

Post Graduate Programme

M.E Manufacturing Engineering

2 Years Course

Course Description

A Masters in Manufacturing Engineering provides you with a detailed understanding of the manufacturing process, combining skills in mathematics, science and business.

Doctorate Programme

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Full Time

Course Description

The thesis-based Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering is an advanced research-based degree, allows the scholar to conduct their own original research on chosen topic.

supporting pm initiatives mapped with aicte

Design Thinking Based Curriculum & Framework
Design Thinking in Education: A way beyond! We adopt to a curriculum, structured based on the design thinking strategy that support to build character, skills and curiosity in you to learn more.

Our 5 growth building centers focuses on building a culture, focusing on effective teaching and learning, innovation, skill and entrepreneurship development, industry connect and social responsibility initiatives.

Curriculum Aligned with PM AICTE & MHRD Initiatives

Our Curriculum and Practices are mapped and aligned with PM, AICTE and MHRD initiatives like Startup Policy, Internship Policy, Skill India, Outcome Based Education, National Educational Policy, etc.,

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employment
  • Government Jobs
  • Higher Education
DT Activation Hour

30 minutes of class time is dedicated to teach students about the ancient holy books, practicing Meditation and Yoga on daily basis.

  • Dr.R.Sudhakaran received the award " Best Researcher award" organized by IASTE(International Association for Science and Technical Education) on 10.02.2019 at Chennai
  • Dr.R.Sudhakaran received the award "HoD of the year -2019" issued by Institute of Scholars
  • Dr.R.Sudhakaran received the award " Best Academician -Mechanical Engineering" issued by ISSN Scientific and Research award 2020
  • Mr.K.Thirumalaikannan received the award " Best Contributor for SANTA 365" Organized by SNS Institutions , Coimbatore
  • Mr.K.Thirumalaikannan received the award " Mentor Award for Best Project displyed in DT Boot Camp" Organized by SNS Institutions , Coimbatore
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an one day “Hands on Training on Prototype Development using 3D Printing Using 3D Printing Technologies” was organized by Product Design and Development Centre through Department of Mechanical Engineering to the students of various departments on 13.09.2019 and 37 students have participated
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an one day hands on workshop on “HVAC – R DUCT DESIGN” at SNS College of Engineering, Coimbatore on 04.10.2019. There are 15 external participants and 23 internal participants attended the one day workshop
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized Hands on training for the Final year (Mechanical -A, B&C) students 26.09.19 Mr.R.Dhamodaran Director, NTC Company has delivered the lecture.
  • The Department of Mechanical engineering organised One Day National Level Seminar on “Innovation Challenges in Futuristic Materials for Advanced Enginerring "at SNS College of Engineering, Coimbatore on 08.02.2019. There are 20external participants and 60 internal participants attended the seminar.
  • The Department of Mechanical engineering organised One Day hands on workshop on “Aerodynamic Design & Collision Testing of Vehicles” at SNS College of Engineering, Coimbatore on 05.01.2019. There are 20 external participants and 30 internal participants attended the hands on workshop
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering & SNSCE SAE INDIA Collegiate club had conducted a Seminar on “Introduction to Motorsports”. 120 students from II and III years had participated in the programme in order to gain technical knowledge in the field of Motorsports
  • The Department of Mechanical engineering organised 7 Technical Events & 2 Non-Technical Events in National Level Technical Symposia Kalinga 2018. 70 Students Participants from 30 colleges participated in National Level Symposia “Metallica 2018”
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted one week lathe training program for the village students from 14.05.2018 to 19.05.2018, which will help them to gain technical skills in the manufacturing domain. Totally 11 students registered themselves for the program. The students were trained in Safety Measures that to be followed when they work on machines.
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering Organized RPM2K17 at SNS College of Engineering, Coimbatore on 31.08.2017. 38 Student teams were particpated from various colleges from all over the tamilnadu


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1 Certified by goi


i-10 index

Land in your dream JOb

placement highlights

We inherit a rich legacy of meeting student aspirations and providing them with the best of Placements by finest recruiters in our core discipline. Here is our few prospective who students got placed in highly reputed companies with decent package.

Placement record 2021 - 2022

Image Description



Image Description



Image Description



Image Description



Image Description



Image Description



Image Description



S. No Company Name Salary Package
No. of Offers Company Type
1 New India Electricals 5 1 core
2 Square Yards 4.5 2 core
3 Cognizant Technology Solutions 4 1 it
4 Tata Consultancy Services 3.5 1 it
5 Wipro 3.5 3 it
6 Sakthi Auto Ancilarries 2 12 core
7 Lakshmi Electrical And Control Systems 2 10 core
8 Skytech 1.8 11 core
9 Kayal Textiles 1.8 1 core
10 Abricate Industries 2 1 core
11 Tags Catalogue Services 2 1 core
12 Rishabh Enterprises 2 2 core

Placement record 2019 - 2020

Image Description

Chidambara Selvan M

Amphisoft , 4.2 L

Image Description

Prajhwal K S

Cognizant, 4 L

Image Description

Henrich P

Esybike, 3.6 L

Image Description


Decathlon, 3 L

S. No Company Name Salary Package
No. of Offers Company Type
1 Cognizant Technology Solutions 4 1 IT
2 Amphisoft 4.2 1 Core
3 Windcare India Pvt Ltd 1.5 29 Core
4 Modern Industries,Cbe 1.44 5 Core
5 Android Pro Systems 1.2 3 IT
6 Skytech 1.44 15 Core
7 MSM Energy 1.8 15 Core
8 Esybike 3.6 1 Core
9 Decathlon 2.8 1 Core


career opportunities

general core roles

Median Salary
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Test Inspection Engineer
  • Failure Analysis Engineer
  • Automation Engineer

domain specific roles

Median Salary
  • Combustion Engineer
  • Machine Tool Engineer
  • Stress Analyst
  • Solar Engineer
  • Hydraulic Engineer

Other options

Median Salary
  • Higher Studies
  • Research Engineer
  • Entrepreneur

OUR core



Professional Bodies

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