B.E. Computer Science and Engineering

Internet of Things ( IOT ) and
Cyber Security including Blockchain Technology

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Internet of Things and Cyber Security including Blockchain Technology) was established in the year 2020 with an intake of 60 students. We aim at grooming the students on context & project-based learning through mini projects, industry visits, internships, CEO talks, Hackathon/ideathon, guest lectures, student activities & leadership events, professional society activities like Computer Society of India, ACM and incubation center. We follow the concept of Blended learning through DESIGN THINKING CURRICULUM where we combine the classroom teaching with online learning and independent study, allowing the student to have more control over the time, pace and style of their learning.

Under Graduate Programme

B.E. Computer Science and Engineering ( IOT and Cyber Security including Blockchain Technology)

4 Years Course

Course Description

This program aims to develop students with the functional, operational, design, implementation and application aspects of IOT including cyber security and blockchain technology.

supporting pm initiatives mapped with aicte

Design Thinking Based Curriculum & Framework
Design Thinking in Education: A way beyond! We adopt to a curriculum, structured based on the design thinking strategy that support to build character, skills and curiosity in you to learn more.

Our 5 growth building centers focuses on building a culture, focusing on effective teaching and learning, innovation, skill and entrepreneurship development, industry connect and social responsibility initiatives.

Curriculum Aligned with PM AICTE & MHRD Initiatives

Our Curriculum and Practices are mapped and aligned with PM, AICTE and MHRD initiatives like Startup Policy, Internship Policy, Skill India, Outcome Based Education, National Educational Policy, etc.,

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employment
  • Government Jobs
  • Higher Education
DT Activation Hour

30 minutes of class time is dedicated to teach students about the ancient holy books, practicing Meditation and Yoga on daily basis.

Internet of Things ( IOT ) and Cyber Security
including Blockchain Technology

career Scope

B.E Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in (IOT and Cyber Security including Blockchain Technology) have a wide range of career opportunities in the IOT with Cyber Security including Blockchain Technology sector. The range from application engineers who work with IOT with Cyber Security including Blockchain Technology. In the feature of IOT likewise artificial intelligent, Cyber security, smart cities using sensor projects, Connectivity cars and Application engineers may also be an important part of the Manufacturing ,Retail, Transport and Logistics, Healthcare, Automotive, Agriculture , Banking, Smart Contracts, Insurance , Food Safety , educating potential customers and serving as a key point of contact for customer questions. The students acquiring skills through design thinking curriculum which includes artificial intelligent, data science will have opportunities in interdisciplinary engineering branches like Robotics, Electronics, Mechatronics, IT and ITES.


Center of


IoT Problems solved
in Design Thinking Boot Camp


in IoT Sectors


Expert Talks / Internal
Hackathons/ Workshops

Smart House

IOT based smart houses to help increase convenience with cost effectiveness and energy conservation.

Smart Cities

Spanning a wide variety of use cases for traffic management, waste management and other environmental security and monitoring.


Wearables installed with sensors and software to collect data and information from the user and its surroundings.

Smart retail

Connecting retailers with customers to enhance the in-store experience.

Connected Cars

An autonomous and self automated vehicle which optimize its own operations and maintenance using onboard sensor and internet connectivity.

IOT in healthcare

Personalize and analyses individual's health data and provide tailor made strategies to combat illness.

Industrial IOT

Empowering industrial engineering with sensors, software and big data analytics to create intelligent machines.

smart grids
Using information about the behaviors of electricity suppliers and consumers in an automated fashion improving its efficiency, reliability and economy.

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