Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Our department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science has a number of distinguished faculty panel who has an affluent blend of both industry and academic experience. They constantly disseminate and impart applied knowledge to the young minds through our mentor-mentee system.

Dr. P. Sumathi

Head Of the Department

Message from HOD Desk

SNS is the first Institute in India to launch Design Thinking frame work for education. At SNS we are launching vibrant new programs in alignment with Industry 4.0. One of them is B.Tech- Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. This is the very new and emerging technology which is taking the world by storm and most of us would have seen that if we have browse for some objects online and if we go to check email all data related to the same product will come in the side of the email. These are some of the basic uses of artificial intelligence that we have seen in day to day life. We can see much more complex ideas and applications are evolving as we talk and those are possible by data scientist and engineers working on Artificial Intelligence. So there are huge opportunities are awaiting for budding engineers. Hence this is the best time to focus on this emerging field.

our core

faculty team

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