department of Computer science and engineering

entrepreneurship development

We constantly encourage our young minds to seek out for simple problems around them and try solving it. Our students are well motivated to know that their small contribution, would make a huge difference in the society. That is the kind of innovation culture that we practice in our Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

design thinking workshop

ideathon/Hackathon - idea pitch


  • Annapoorna .L.B. Ravikrishanan. S. Sanjay Giridhar. V. Shamaladevi. V. Viswaa. B.S. Shanthini.S from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering participated in Technoxian’19, World Robotic Championship on Fast Line Follower Robot Events held at Thiyagaraja Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on 23rdto 25th September 2019.
  • Anish.R ,Santheep Kumar.V,Manickavasan.K, Ram Karthikeyan.K, Sharma .P,Sarangan.E, Thangaraj.G , IV Year participated in DevConf(Red Hat) 02.08.2019 and 03.08.2019 organized by Christ University, Bangalore
  • MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT CONTEST: Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized the Mobile App Contest- Clash of Apps for the external participants on 7th April 2016.Ms.A.C.Sumathi, ASP/CSE and III B.E CSE students coordinated the app contest. The First prize was won by the students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore. The second prize was won by the students of SSM College of Engineering, Namakkal.
  • CODING CONTEST: Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized C++ Programming contest “BEST BRAINS 2016 IT Programming Contest” 25th July 2016. Mr. R. Srinivasaprabhu, from Live Wire, Coimbatore conducted the First Round for 200 young engineers to expose them to the industry standards needed in the current context students for 30 minutes.