Counselling Code: 2734

  • Wifi campus

  • ICT Enabled Class rooms

  • Seminar Hall

  • Board Room

  • Open Auditorium

  • Guest House

  • Stationary Shop

  • Newspaper table in every class

  • Canteen

  • ATM facility

  • Cafe Coffee day

  • Subbana Goundar clinic

  • Transport

  • Parking facilities

  • Bus Stop

  • Ambulance

SPINE THE SNS ACTIVITY CENTER, plays a pivotal role in all kinds of community activity like sports, gymnasium, gaming & entertainments, Culturals, arts and music in 5 levels with world-class facilities. This Centre provides locally focused recreation opportunities and promotes a wide range of networking among Industrialists, Corporate people, Teaching fraternity and Student Community…

Wifi campus

WiFi is omnipresent in our campus, enabling students in getting connected globally; it is for encouraging our students in learning from different E Resources. Being Citizens of Cyber World they are provided with WiFi passports for free Hifi ride.

ICT Enabled Class rooms

Our class rooms have the facility with ICT (Information Communication Technologies) support to improve the student learning and better teaching methods.


The college is proud of four air-conditioned seminar hall. It is well equipped with audio visual rich to host various seminars, workshops and conferences.

The Executive Boardroom was designed to support the shared governance goals of the college providing a unique, professionally furnished space for large group meetings. The room seats 40 and will be used to host advisory councils, committees, and other gatherings.

Open Auditorium

A multipurpose open auditorium with the capacity of 4000 offers Students a bigger stage for their talents and interests. Many events are conducted with grandeur there like scientific exhibitions, track events, cultural programs, etc.

The college guest house provides comfortable accommodation for guests at the time of seminars, conferences and placement drives

The stationary shop inside the college caters to the needing of the students in connection with academics. It also has Xerox machine for easy photocopy.

Newspaper table in every class

Every class has newspaper table with four daily news papers to improve the habit of reading news paper among the students.

The canteen is situated within the college campus. It is open for all. It serves hygienic environment. All types of snacks, meals are available at subsidized rates.

ATM facility

The campus has Central Bank ATM. Also several other ATM ‘s in reachable distance.

Cafe Coffee day

The collaborative team of café coffee emulates professional standards and commitment to the students’ needs.

Subbana Goundar clinic

Campus has a separate medical facility with a visiting Doctor. In addition we also have ambulances, first aid kits for the inmates’ health issues.



Our College provides College Buses to all major locations of the city. Our transport fleet consists of 35 buses with an extensive coverage in all directions within a radius of 50 Kms.The college is well connected to the city with both Govt and Private buses throughout the day.

Parking facilities

Our college allows free Parking Facility. Separate Parking space is provided to Students and Staff. Securities and CCTV ensure safety all around the Campus.

There is a bus stop called SNS college stop on the Coimbatore to Sathyamangalam main road. It takes less than 5 minutes to reach the college from the bus stop.

An ambulance attached to the clinic and college is available 24/7 for the providing instant and faster care for the inmates of the college when required.