Counselling Code: 2734

SPINE THE SNS ACTIVITY CENTER will witness, a plethora of humans bonding on their common interests and motivations. As a unique hub, to enhance business connections among the industry and institution, SPINE THE SNS ACTIVITY CENTER is set to amaze with its dynamic and vibrant infrastructure facilities.

SPINE THE SNS ACTIVITY CENTER not only allows individuals to improve their life skills but also gives them a precious chance to build networks for an inspiring start to their careers and entrepreneurial ventures.

Dedicated to the holistic development of youth, the SPINE THE SNS ACTIVITY CENTER, aims to be the culmination of a physically active lifestyle, for the Gen Y students & professionals, enabling them to associate, innovate & ideate on a social platform.

With a wonderful ambience and the latest cutting edge equipment in 5 levels to its credit, the SPINE THE SNS ACTIVITY CENTER is sure to mesmerize you by unlocking a world of new opportunities.


To provide an activity centre that will be user friendly and open to all groups and members of the Community.

SPINE THE SNS ACTIVITY CENTER imagines a world where everyone lives with dignity, safety and there are enough resources for everyone to achieve their potential.

  • Provide facilities for sporting, recreational and social well being of the Community.
  • Assist in building bridges between all members of the Community.
  • Promote equability of access for all groups and individuals in the community.

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