Counselling Code: 2734

SNS College of Engineering – Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence (CoE) is frequently used when an organization needs to take on a new technology or skill up to the industry standard or beyond it and manage its adoption. CoE also known as a competency center or a capability center by self-supported or industry collaborated one with the objective of providing research, support, guidance, training and oversight as a whole in some particular area of focus such as a technology, skill or discipline.

The center encourages international collaboration between leading researchers and the global community. CoE is dedicated to encouraging international understanding between students and future leaders to assist them on a long-term basis to become creators, inventors, scientists and leaders of the 21st century.

Motivation: To provide high-quality graduate and postgraduate training environment for the next generation of researchers and support innovation-based endeavors.

Aim: To promote a culture of research among the students and faculties.

Objectives of COE:

  • To Provide Industrial Training
  • To Strengthen Industry Institute Interaction
  • To Provide platform to students to interact with industry experts
  • To Promote Research Activities
  • To Encourage Research Publications, Patents/IPR
  • To Facilitate Consultancy/Funded Projects
  • To Develop Commercial Products